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24  Haziran  2018

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Hisarönü is next to Ovacik and is a mini-resort perched on a mountain plateau, overlooking the famous Ölüdeniz lagoon. Lively and bright, the resort is packed with gift shops, nightclubs and the resort's speciality - restaurants catering for every taste! Hisaronu really comes alive after dark as visitors and locals head for the clubs, bars or linger over a meal, enjoying the cool mountain air. Easy transportation to Fethiye and Ölüdeniz from Hisarönü & Ovacik is provided by dolmus, which takes just 5 min to Ölüdeniz and 20 min to Fethiye.

Hisarönü has a post office, pharmacies, shops, restaurants,clubs and bars. For supermarket shopping you will need to go into Fethiye where you have a choice of two - Migros on the outskirts of town and Gima in the town centre.

Local dolmus services run at regular intervals to and from Fethiye and Ölüdeniz. The dolmus station in Fethiye is located behind the white mosque on the main street and from Ölüdeniz the buses run from the beach front. Should you wish to take a taxi from Fethiye to Hisarönü it should cost you no more than 15 million TL on the meter (less than ₤10). If there is no meter, be sure to agree a price with the driver before getting into the vehicle, as there are a few around who will try to take advantage of tourists.

Hisarönü has an ATM machine and almost all the hotels and shops in the area offer exchange facilities. All these services can also be found along the main street in the centre of Fethiye.

Hisarönü has a small private hospital that is linked with the Esnaf Hospital in Fethiye, and has a medical centre opposite for doctors services that is open late into the night during the season. Medical standards are extremely high and the quality of care is on par with European facilities.
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